About company
Wuxi Maofeng Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electrical speaker and sound box of multimedia computers.  Now our total assets exceed 85million RMB and we cover an area of 27241.8m2.  We are located in Xibei Town, Beimen, Wuxi which is in the catchment area of Yangtze River and near the picturesque Taihu Lake.  The beautiful environment in the plant has won the good reputation of Garden Enterprise.  We have a geographic advantage by connecting Shanghai and Nanjing in the east and west respectively, Hangzhou across the Taihu Lake in the south and Yangtze River in the north.  Ground and waterway transportation is smooth.  For example, it just takes 10minutes to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and 10km away from Wuxi Airport.  And Xicheng and Xisha Roads run through the town and Xibei River crosses the town. 

We have been operating for more than 30 years since the foundation in 1977.  Now we can develop and produce electrical speaker, sound boxes of multimedia computers and power amplifiers.  There are 15 production lines, more than 200 machines, complete B&K tester and a 600m2 anechoic room.  We can produce 35million electrical speakers, 2.5million sound boxes and 50,000 power amplifiers.  In the past 30-plus years, we have been persisting in the principle of diligence, independent development and active absorption and acquired profits.  We got the first award and second award in the industry in Jiangsu province and China.  Moreover, our brand Shengyue has been recognized as famous brand in Wuxi.

There are more than 100 types of electrical speakers fitted with CRT, LCD, PDP, PTV and other colorful TVs, automotive audio systems, communication devices, computer sound boxes and other electronic products and 50-plus types of sound boxes of multimedia computer.  The productivity of speakers ranks among top 10 in China and sound boxes of multimedia computer are totally exported to USA and European countries.  Regard the quality most important, implement the quality management system strictly and expand the market with trustful quality, good service and competitive price.  So, our customers spread over in not only China but also foreign countries.  We passed the ISO9002 certification in 1997 and ISO9001 in September, 2003.  In August, 2006, we passed ISO14001-2004 certification.  Our principle of business is to maintain the quality and keep the quality in mind.  We always strive for providing customers with high quality products and services.  Facing the reform in the information industry in the new century, we shoulder the mission to promote the national industry.  Though it is a long-term and arduous task, we will make great efforts, invest more in technologies, strengthen the quality management and observe requirements of ISO9000 and ISO14001.  Devote ourselves to developing the state-of-art processes, providing high quality products and creating a bright future for us and electrical audio industry in China.

We sincerely welcome your visits and look forward to cooperation for a bright future in the electronic world.

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